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The complexity of a company is reflected in its master data and its governance: With many companies going “Glocal” (Global company operating in local landscape), Master data maintenance takes place in companies primarily in heterogeneous environments. Data are created and maintained globally and enriched with local influences. What adds to confusion is the fact that the support of the maintenance process by automatic workflows has so far not established itself completely in the area of material master data maintenance.

In this arena of non standardization, SAP Master Data Governance software offers a solution. It allows companies to centrally govern the master data based on a collaborative workflow process that seamlessly integrates subject matter domain expertise with business rules. It helps them to -

  • Keep master data consistent and accurate across the company to better perform major activities such as new product introduction, supplier on-boarding or financial consolidation.
  • Centrally maintain financial, supplier, customer, material and other master data for consistency across the company
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  SAP MDG for Financials

SAP MDG Financials offers solutions for a wide range of financial master data. These include objects such as general ledger accounts, standard and group charts of accounts, cost centers, profit centers and their hierarchies

  SAP MDG for Materials

SAP MDG-Materials allows an efficient and comprehensive control of materials master data. A whole range of data of different materials can be managed centrally with the maintenance processes based on an automated approval process

  SAP MDG for Suppliers

The integration of MDG-Supplier into your system environment, on the basis of SAP ERP, presents a cost effective way to harmonize your supplier master data using a central control facility.

  SAP MDG for Customers

SAP MDG-Customer is an efficient tool with important features like central control of the customer master data, rule-based workflows, integrated checks and validations.

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