SAP Master Data Governance for Customers

Missing or incorrect information from customer master data for example payment term, correct destination location, invoice despatch location, tax details can have catastrophic effect on business performance and customer relationship. Valid and reliable customer master data are critical for work and daily contact with customers. The customer master data is accessed by almost all departments in the company in one form or the other. It is also important to maintain and regularly monitor the credit limits for business partners along with other control data. An oversight on this aspect may pose a direct financial risk. It is in immediate interest of company to regularly update and validate the control data of its customers.

With SAP MDG-Customer, SAP offers an efficient tool, which can be integrated into existing SAP ERP in accordance by reusing existing data structures. Important features of MDG – Customer like central control of the customer master data, rule-based workflows, integrated checks and validations makes it possible to involve all the parties concerned in the maintenance process so as to create a uniform and consistent master data view.
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