SAP MDG for Suppliers

A complex relationship exists between purchasing organizations, company codes and business partners which make it difficult to efficiently maintain master data. This situation is worsened for companies operating in multiple geography with the Glocal (Global + local) approach. It is seen that most often, the maintenance processes and the system environment have not been centralized.

To settle the suppliers invoices, the purchasing department and accounting department also requires access to supplier master data. This includes correct address for sending invoices, bank data, tax registration details etc. Non settlement of Supplier invoices can strain the relationships and lead to loss of brand value. A reliable supplier data is critical for efficient supplier management.

SAP MDG-Suppliers offers a solution that is not only compatible with client existing SAP ERP, but which also reuses any data structures, checks and validations already available there. The integration of MDG-Supplier into your system environment, on the basis of SAP ERP, presents a cost effective way to harmonize your supplier master data using a central control facility. The rule-based workflows in MDG-Suppliers enables all the parties charged with the task of maintaining supplier master data.
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